More ‘Lost and Found’

2015 really has been the year for ‘Lost and Found’ at Market Lavington Museum. We set up a display of items lost and found and since then many more have been given to us. One section of our Museum Miscellany on Saturday 3rd October in the Community Hall will be about metal items lost on the old recreation ground and found by metal detectorist Norman.
But today we feature a bottle – one of several we have just been given by Judith. She found them when she lived in Easterton more than forty years ago.

Bottle found many years ago in Easterton

Bottle found many years ago in Easterton

This bottle is one of those with a marble stopper, held in place by the pressure of an aerated drink.


The bottle was filled with drink by the Netheravon Brewery

It carries the name of ‘THE BREWERY – NETHERAVON’.

Interestingly, there is still a brewery in Netheravon – a micro-brewery was set up in 1984 by Tony Bunce.
It comes as no surprise that the name of the brewer,on the other side of the bottle, is not that of Tony Bunce or his successors.

The brewer was T W Hussey

The brewer was T W Hussey

It is T W Hussey.
Thomas Whiting Hussey is listed on the 1901 census as a brewer in Netheravon. Living with him, at the time, is a niece who was born in Lavington. There was clearly a close link between Thomas at the brewery and his relatives in Market Lavington and Easterton. Perhaps that was why this bottle found its way to Easterton.
We know very little about the brewery itself.

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