Lavington Show 2015

This show took place on Saturday 5th September and was particularly good for seeing some younger show enthusiasts involved – alongside regular ‘old stagers’.

At our museum we like to record current events for future posterity and so we do gather quite a lot of photos. Whilst they appear on this blog, do not expect to actually see them in the museum for some time.


staging an exhibit

Here we have Jo, a regular exhibitor making sure her beans look perfect. The staging time at the show is always cheerful and friendly. This show is not as TV and radio programmes portray them. There is rivalry and exhibitors hope to win. But anybody who notices an error in a rival’s entry will point it out to them so they can put it right. It is so easy not to be able to count accurately. 11 blackberries, where 10 are asked for just won’t win a prize. A helping hand will let the person in error know, or may even just remove the extra fruit. Jo, as an old hand is unlikely to make such a mistake.

Judges are remarkably thorough. Here’s the fruit judge assessing apples.

judging in progress

judging in progress

Judging and after is a quiet time. Scorers add points and work out who has won the prizes.


The quiet before opening to the public

The hall is all but empty and the splendour of both Community Hall and the entries can be seen.

Exhibitors and the public arrive at 2 and the hall is filled with ‘Ow wow! I’ve won for my ….” But also non entrants can be heard saying. ‘I had better pears than those’.

The reply is always, ‘well why didn’t you enter them?’

Our curator is particularly proud of this one.

One for our curator to crow about

One for our curator to crow about

Who knows, there might still be some left for the Museum Miscellany on October 3rd.

And here’s one of the younger generation of exhibitors collecting her trophy for most points in the cookery section. Or as we usually say, for being the best cook.

Nicki gets the 'best cook' trophy

Nicki gets the ‘best cook’ trophy

Congratulations to Nicki. It is always good to have new names on the trophies. And what brilliant management to combine being a mother of a sub 2 year old, a full time job and cooking for the show. Brill!



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