The lads go to town

There’s nothing like a day out in town – particularly one by the seaside – when you are a young man. There’s the chance to show off and impress the local young ladies – who may also be visitors seeking a bit of fun. This group of Lavington lads were able to line up for a photo at Southsea on a day out and here they are.

Market Lavington and Easterton lads in Southsea in the 1950s

Market Lavington and Easterton lads in Southsea in the 1950s

We can name most of these young men. From left to right they are:

Roy Preedy
Not yet identified
David Cooper
One of the Little boys
Geoff Matthews
Michael Ellis
Tom Burt
One of the Stockley lads

They are dressed for the occasion, mostly in suits or jacket and trousers. The shirt collar is open in every case. A tie would have been too formal. The shirt collar is worn outside the jacket one. Trousers are quite baggy and long enough to break over the polished shoes.

The photo must date from quite early in the 1950s when days out like this were a rare treat. We wonder what memories the lads brought home. Let’s hope they had a good time.

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One Response to “The lads go to town”

  1. Jjohn Burgess Says:

    I have been told that the lad 2nd from left is ??? Kimmer who lived down Northbrook

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