Dauntsey’s School Group

We have seen this photo before on this blog. It shows the boys and staff of Dauntsey’s School at some point in the 1930s. Now Dauntsey’s School is in West Lavington, but by the time this photo was taken the school had purchased the former Market Lavington Manor and had it in use as a boarding house. This photo was taken at the Manor.

Dauntsey's School group in the 1930s. Click to enlarge

Dauntsey’s School group in the 1930s.
Click to enlarge

When we showed this picture before we had no names. We should have had one for we clearly recognise the school bursar who was Jack Welch. He was father of our museum founder, Peggy Gye and also features in a separate blog featuring his World War One letters and Diaries. You’ll find it at www.jackwelchdiaries.wordpress.com/ .

And here he is in that photo.


He’s the middle man in that part of the picture.

Let’s zoom in on others.

image004 image006 image005

It would be good to get some more names of some of these men and boys. But of course, this was 80 years ago.

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One Response to “Dauntsey’s School Group”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    Third picture from top:
    Centre row seated from right. John Scott (possibly), ERB Reynolds, George W Olive (headmaster), E L Batten (engineering teacher).
    Will think about the others!!

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