A prize draw ticket

We have published this ticket before on the museum blog.

1924 draw ticket

1924 draw ticket

We are grateful that somebody thought to save such a thing just over 90 years ago. We make sure we still do the same today so here we present a similar ticket, 2015 style.

2015 draw ticket

2015 draw ticket

Sadly the old ticket had no price, but we can be sure it was nothing like a pound – the price of the current one. But the information we have about prizes shows a huge difference.

What would people have done with a fat lamb in 1924? To be honest, we don’t know but we can be equally sure that it could be seen as an unlikely top prize in 2015 even though many have freezers these days and could, in fact, make use of it.

Then as now, sponsors gave prizes because they supported the causes. Back in 1924 a cash prize would surely have been very welcome, but golf for four at Castle Combe just couldn’t have been on the agenda. How would people have got there? It was probably all but impossible. Obviously there could not have been helicopter rides. The first real helicopter took to the skies in 1936.

The prizes in 2015 reflect the leisured nature of 21st century life. The prizes, apart from the cash, are not things people need but maybe are very much wanted by some.

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3 Responses to “A prize draw ticket”

  1. Phil F . Says:

    Another bit of possible useless information. The lamb raffle prize could have come from the sheep shown in your blog of the Grove seen earlier in the month. The name of the farmer who had Grove farm before father was a Mr Watts,so guessing it was the this flock of sheep in the picture that produced the lamb,poss the one in the front of the picture.

  2. Phil F . Says:

    I never heard father talk about keeping sheep, so I don’t think he ever did. He was given some cows as a wedding present so he must have started a dairy at grove farm,he then delivered milk in buckets on his bike ,as seen in the photo you have.

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