Along the High Street – 1960s

We have recently acquired this postcard which we believe was taken by Peter Francis, probably from his upstairs window which was above his Church Street shop. The picture, however, shows the crossroads and High Street.

Along Market Lavington High Street in the 1960s

Along Market Lavington High Street in the 1960s

Let’s start on the left.


Here we have what had become the Post Office. Oh dear! The Parsonage Lane sign was falling off.


Let’s hope it was quickly refixed.


It looks as though A R Rees had the shop. The Stop sign is actually for the end of Parsonage Lane. In those days, with no Grove Road, Parsonage Lane had to cater for traffic in both directions.


Looking a little further up the street – we think it says Little on what closed as the Newsagent last year and we can clearly see that Lloyds Bank were in business as well.


It’s just possible that people might be recognised.


Looking a bit further round, we’ll start with that light – a single street lamp suspended over the middle of the cross roads. Beneath it, the car looks like a 1950s built Austin. We can see that the Agricultural Engineers had removed the buildings on the corner of the Market Place and we also see a Midland Bank sign on the next building. There is also a Walls ice cream sign there. A Pepsi sign adorns the corner of Chapel Lane.


A couple of girls with a dog are just rounding the corner onto White Street. It’s possible they could be recognised.

What a great picture of Market Lavington High Street about 50 years ago.

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2 Responses to “Along the High Street – 1960s”

  1. James Perry Says:

    Little’s in the 50s was a grocers run by Mr Little and his wife – names escape me. They used to deliver groceries and my parents certainly took advantage of this as we were in Drove Lane. It later became a newsagent run by the same family more or less as a result of the Co-op opening if I recall correctly. They had a son Maurice and I am not sure who actually ran the newsagents, perhaps someone can help?

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Hi James. We’ll have that info in the museum – but not in my head. Harry Hobbs had run the newsagents and when he retired the elusive somebody ran it for a while in his shop. When the Littles stopped trading he moved there, but soon retired and Fred Davis took over the reins. His son, Keith ceased trading last year and is at present converting the shop area into his house.


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