Easterton Smithy

The Easterton Smithy was a delightful little thatched building along the main street. Although it survived into living memory for the oldest of locals, it has a look of something from another age and time. But then, 90 years ago was another age and they certainly did things differently. We think this photo is an absolute charmer.

Easterton Smithy

Easterton Smithy


We seem to have a separation of the women folk from the men in this picture. Three generations of the females stand or sit outside the cottage.


Three generations of Easterton women

And what a fabulous cottage it is, bedecked with what look to be climbing roses.

The men have gathered round the farrier who is in the process of shoeing a horse.


The farrier at work

The young lad is on the base used for hammering metal tyres on to wooden wheels and a collection of such wheels and tyres can be seen. It is possible the farrier is Bert Burnett but we can’t be certain.

What a shame it has all been swept into oblivion.



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2 Responses to “Easterton Smithy”

  1. Roger Maynard Says:

    My ancestral home ? The Maynard family ?

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