Joshua Hampton’s farm records

Joshua Hampton was a hill farmer. In the 1870s he occupied Pond Farm and Meeches Farm which were sited in what is now Easterton parish.

He kept brief records of what he grew. Here’s an entry for 1877


Extract from Joshua Hampton’s farm records from 1877 Click image to see a larger version


Began drilling wheat on Pond Farm (Picked Field) October 20th – about 6 acres across the middle at 2 bushels per acre.
Drilled 10 acres of Old Field below, October 30th and 31st 2 bushels and 1 peck of sanfoin. ??? of field now 5, 2½ bushels seed

Joshua's entry continues

Joshua’s entry continues

Began drilling in wheat in field front of house November 1st. Finished drilling just below the shord top of Pond Hill November 3rd. Ploughed in remainder of field November 5 6 and 7.

It is lovely to have a copy of Joshua’s book which gives an insight into the life and ways of a farmer 140 years ago. It is, of course, so very different from today. And we are informed (see comment) that a shord is a gap between two hills.

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4 Responses to “Joshua Hampton’s farm records”

  1. Tony Rowlands Says:

    A shord is a space between two hills.

  2. John Young Says:

    Sanfoin is a hay and silage plant very suited to chalky soil and drought resistant too so ideal for Joshua Hampton’s farm. It is also sown as a nitrogen rich green manure crop to plough in and is used by organic farmers to this day.

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