The Burbidge family at home

We are quite amazed to realise that we have never used this photo on the museum blog. It shows the Burbidge family in the front garden of their Market Lavington front door.

This family lived at the house which is now our museum building. Most of them moved there in 1907 when Mr Burbidge, Alf, got a job as gardener for Miss Pleydell Bouverie at the Old House. A year later, the younger daughter Florence was born at that house.

The Burbidge family at home

The Burbidge family at home

From left to right we have Florence who was known as Flo, Louisa the mother of the children who, we gather, was quite insistent on being called Mrs Burbidge. Then we have Alf and then the older daughter Doris who was known as Dorrie.

Dorrie left home in 1934 when she married and moved, with her husband to Bristol.

Flo married Bert Shore in 1940 and continued to live in Market Lavington.

Both Louisa and Alfred died in 1954 and both are buried in the churchyard in Market Lavington. Their cottage then fell into disuse until the school made use of it. It became the museum in 1985.


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