Tug of War in 77

There was a Tug of War competition as part of the Jubilee Sports in 1977. This celebrated the queen’s 25 years on the throne and now is some 38 years ago.

After the more formal competition, the kids took over and had fun and here’s a photo of them.


1977 tug of war. Boys v …

The flared trouser fashion of 1977 is there to be seen as these youngsters desperately try to pull a similar team . Except the other team was all female.



History has not recorded who won this particular battle of the sexes.

Nor, sad to say, has it recorded the names of any participants. Maybe you can help there.

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2 Responses to “Tug of War in 77”

  1. James Perry Says:

    Ah memories! My parent’s old house Sandfield is in the background. They had moved before this picture was taken. Many times have I walked along the wall. The recreation ground was then a farmer’s field often with cabbages or other vegetables. I remember the recreation ground being created. I spent a couple of days driving a tractor around with a heavy steel bar behind to level the ground for the cricket field prior to seeding. In the winter of 62-63 the lane was completely filled in wth snow from hedge top to hedge top, but there was little snow left on the fields due to the wind. You could drive from Sandfield down the lane but it was many days later before the lane was cleared by the farm tractor. In the meantime someone managed to dig a path through. Initially the post man walked on the hedge top to get to the houses up the lane. If he walked on top of the snow in the lane he would have sunk very deeply!

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