William and Elizabeth Potter

William was born in 1848 in Market Lavington – registered in the first quarter of the year. His father, John Potter, was a butcher, also a Market Lavington man. John’s wife, Martha came from Cricklade. In 1851 the family lived on Church Street, Market Lavington. Our William had an older and a younger sister.


Elizabeth Plank was born in Easterton in 1853 – the birth registered in the third quarter of the year. Her parents were James, a farm labourer and Maria who had both been born in Easterton. The 1851 census shows that James and Maria had several children before Elizabeth was born.

In 1861 William was still with his parents. Father John was now an agricultural labourer. William, aged 13, was also classed as an ‘ag lab’. The family lived on Northbrook

Elizabeth, with her parents, had now moved to The Hollow, White Street, Market Lavington by 1861. Seven year old Elizabeth was a scholar. Her father was a farm labourer.

In 1871 William was living with his widowed mother, Martha, on Church Street again. William, now aged 23, was described as an agricultural engine driver. Elizabeth was still with her parents on White Street, described as an agricultural labourer’s daughter.

William Potter married Elizabeth Plank in the spring of 1876. By 1881 they had three sons, Enos, John and Albert. The family lived at number 3 Stobbarts Road (next door to Richard Park). William was an ‘ag lab’.

Between 1881 and 1891 the family grew – Sarah, William and Harry having joined the three older boys, all now living on High Street. Our William has become a groom. Both Enos and John are in employment and no doubt helping the family finances.

In 1901, just the three younger children were at home with William and Elizabeth – now living on White Street.

Elizabeth died on July 21st 1904 and was buried in Market Lavington churchyard.

Grave of William and Elizabeth Potter in Market Lavington churchyard

Grave of William and Elizabeth Potter in Market Lavington churchyard

The youngest son, Harry, died on March 21st 1911.

In 1911 William and a daughter lived on White Street in Market Lavington.

William lived a long (for those days) life, passing away on April 17th 1934.


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