The Racquets Court

Barn, Barn House and Old House

Barn, Barn House and Old House

Yesterday we looked at a view from the Racquets Court. Today we’ll look at that building and also the surrounding area. This photo is fifteen years newer than yesterday’s and dates from 1987.

The Racquets Court and area in 1987

The Racquets Court and area in 1987

We are looking here, from the edge of Bouverie Drive, past houses at the end of Market Place, then at the Racquets Court, After that we see the barn and Barn House with The Old House and its cedar tree peeping from behind. Further to the right, the roof of our museum building – it was then in its third year – is just visible.

We are looking across fields where Roman Way and Saxon Close now stand.

But let’s zoom in on the Racquets Court.

The Racquets Court - 1987

The Racquets Court – 1987

That’s it on the right of this view. Further alterations have since taken place and one that really pleases the eye is the replacement of that window, high up in the gable, with an elegant round window. Our curator can see a different angle on this end elevation from his house and took this photo to show the new window and also others in the former, severely plain end wall.

The Racquets Court - 2015

The Racquets Court – 2015

But let’s return to the older picture.


Here we see barn and Old House, both partially hidden by the much newer Barn House of Scandinavian kit construction. The cedar tree (we think) appears on our 1837 sketch of the Old House and looked big then so it must be more than 200 years old – perhaps one of the oldest living things in Lavington.

But of course, our own village museum keeps memories, old and new alive under its solid slate roof.


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