A view from The Cherry Orchard

This is another of our 19th century sketches by Philip Wynell Mayow. Philip was the brother of Mayow Wynell Mayow who was Vicar of market Lavington for about twenty years from the 1830s to the 1850s.

For this drawing, Philip had headed up to the north of the parish and sketched the view he saw.

View from Cherry Orchard - 1837

View from Cherry Orchard – 1837

Cherry Orchard still exists as a house. It is on what we now call Kings Road, very close to the top of Ledge Hill.

The sketch is captioned.


It says, From the Cherry orchard – 11th August 1837.

There are aspects of the view which can be recognised – not least towards the left hand (or western) edge of the sketch. This shows the downs in the Bratton/Westbury area.


This would look more familiar to many if it had the chimney, now disused, at the former Westbury Cement works. Many people regard that chimney as an iconic landmark. It was erected in the 1960s and may cease to be a feature in the landscape quite soon.

This part of the image, to the right of the tall trees, is looking towards the Marlborough Downs.


But above all, this sketch has allowed Philip to indulge his passion for trees.




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