Heading up White Street

We have seen military men marching up White Street in Market Lavington more than once on this blog. Today we have a piece of military hardware.

Military hardware on White Street, Market Lavington

Military hardware on White Street, Market Lavington

This tracked vehicle has just passed Hollow Cottage as it heads up towards the military ranges. A couple of officers appear to be in charge of the vehicle, sitting and standing in a low position which would be exposed in a combat situation. A smiling soldier would, perhaps, be in charge of the gun.

I’m afraid we have no idea what this vehicle is. If we knew that it might help us to put a rough date on the photo.

Come on! Give a Christmas present to the museum and tell us about this vehicle.

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6 Responses to “Heading up White Street”

  1. Janice Feltham Says:

    I ask my husband what tank this was he thinks that it is a 25 pdr sp tracked Sexton believe that Canadians made them.

  2. Norman merritt Says:

    The tank shown is a mark 11 birch gun mounted on a vickers chassis this was an experiment by the British to self propelled field
    They started production in 1925 in 1928 five tanks were issued to
    20th battery 9th field brigade Royal artillery In 1931 all guns were
    Withdrawn from service and the project was abandoned
    So the date would be between 1925 ..1931 the tank is fitted with
    The upgraded 75mm gun so this would narrow this down to 1928
    To 1931

  3. JAMES PERRY Says:

    I got the following from Stuart Wheeler of the Tank Museum: “The vehicle in question is a Birch Gun (SP 18pdr QF Mark II Birch Gun) to give it its full title. It’s most likely that its serving with 20th Battery 9th Field Brigade RA. They operated these Mark II Birch guns (approximately a battery of 4 of them) between 1926 and 1931. The Birch gun was designed for the anti-aircraft role in the close support of tanks. It could elevate 90° to engage targets. The driver is situated in front of the gun shield with the crew behind.”

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