Reginald Hillier

Perhaps we shouldn’t really have this photo in Market Lavington Museum for Reg was born in Devizes and moved to West Lavington with his family when he was less than ten years old. His father was postmaster and grocer at Littleton Panell. Reg followed in father’s footsteps, and no doubt took plenty of his own for he became a postman.

However, it looks as though Reg signed up for military service during World War One for here we have him in a typical posed picture.

Reg Hillier - Christmas 1915

Reg Hillier – Christmas 1915

And it looks as though Reg used this as his Christmas Card 100 years ago in 1915.

We don’t actually know much about Reg, but as we celebrate Christmas 2015, we might remember that 100 years ago things were very different.


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One Response to “Reginald Hillier”

  1. Jonathan Greenland Says:

    This is a photo of my Great Uncle Reginald Charles Hillier, known as ‘Uncle Reg’ in the family. His father Edward Hart Hillier was the postmaster, grocer and shopkeeper in Littleton Pannell. We are descended from his sister Nora Dorothy (Dot). He never married. Family tradition tells of him returning from the WWI very much moved by the plight of the horses. I believe he was a sapper, but not entirely sure. He was known for his gentleness, his mild eccentricity and keeping bees in the living room. He lived with his sister Phyllis who was a bit of a handfull. My father, now passed, was very fond of him and always said I most resembled him of all the people in the family. His sister Dot married my grandfather Ernest Greenland in 1912. We have a nice photo of the wedding if you are interested.

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