Festival fun for all

Market Lavington still has a flower and produce show, run in conjunction with that of the Lavington Gardening Club. The village show is open to all and you don’t need to be a green fingered gardener to enter for there are classes for other folks as well. The arts and crafts categories may need a bit of skill but it is easy enough to have a go. You may like to win, but entering really does add to the fun and just maybe you’ll get a prize card or maybe a helpful comment from a judge.

One category ought to be available to almost anybody these days, and that is photography. Virtually all of us have a camera or a mobile phone with a camera as part of it, or a tablet that takes photos. Just about anybody can enter.

Back in (we think) 1993 it was Paul Mehra who won the photographic trophy. He was selected by the local paper for a photo with an article about the show.

Festival Fun at Market Lavington

Festival Fun at Market Lavington

1993 may sound like yesterday to many of us, but for those under 25 it is earlier than the things they remember. As far as photography is concerned it is a different world. Back then cameras used these strange and quite expensive lengths of chemically treated transparent material called film. When a whole film had been ‘exposed’ the pictures on it had to be developed and fixed using more chemicals. A few people did their own developing and fixing but most either handed films in to the local photographer who did it for you, or sent them off to a film processor. Either way, there was more expense. Photographers didn’t like to waste money so they tended to think about what they’d take much more than we do nowadays. We tend to have a mentality now of ‘take 50 and hope one is good’. And that really has democratised the photographic process. Back in Paul Mehra’s time you had to be good to get the winning shots. It is much more, these days, a case of being lucky.

But back to that news article. It’s interesting to note that local clown, Kooky, took part entertaining children and adults. He’s still around and still clowns, but he is also one of our museum stewards now so if you visit the museum you might be greeted by a clown, albeit a clown in mufti.

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