A chair at the museum

Like virtually all museums up and down the country, we are chronically short of space at the moment. But as ever, we welcome new artefacts for display and this beauty arrived just before Christmas. It is shaped like a chair, but is, in fact, a small china ornament.

Crested commemorative armchair for Market Lavingfton

Crested commemorative armchair for Market Lavingfton

We can see this is crested commemorative ware and the badge on the seat is, indeed, labelled ‘Market Lavington’.

A crest for Market Lavington

A crest for Market Lavington

Perhaps the sheep in the middle represents the local breeds – the Wiltshire Horn sheep.

There is a bit of doggerel on the back of the chair.


The old arm chair

I love it, I love it and who shall dare to chide me for loving the old arm chair.

The maker was Swan China of England.


We claim no knowledge or expertise with regard to these items and to suggest it dates from before World War One is no more than a guess.

What does seem a trifle amazing is that items like this – essentially tourist trinkets – were made with a Market Lavington crest and sold by a number of local shops. This one belonged to a lady who was born in Worton and may well have used Market Lavington as her shopping centre.

A delightful item – and our curator couldn’t resist finding one of his granddaughter’s little dolls and getting her to take the weight off her feet.


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