Bert and Flo

Bert and Flo, or Mr and Mrs Shore were well known in Market Lavington. Bert had been born in West Lavington but he crossed the bridge into Market Lavington when he married Flo Burbidge. Flo – or Florence was the younger daughter of Alf and Louisa. Alf gardened for Miss Pleydell Bouverie at The Old House and the Burbidge family lived in a highly convenient cottage for that location. It was sited just off the churchyard and a gate led straight from its garden into that of The Old House. That building is now Market Lavington Museum and it was where Flo was born in 1908.

And here we have a photo of Bert and Flo.

Bert and Flo Shore in the 1940s

Bert and Flo Shore in the 1940s

We believe this photo dates from the 1940s and it was taken at the cottage which is now the museum.

Bert and Flo actually lived in the Market Place.

Bert died in 1987 and Flo followed him in 1994. She had been able to attend the museum opening which was in 1985.

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