May and Bill on the run

May is Mrs Elisha, the lady who spent almost 60 years as teacher and supply teacher at Market Lavington School and on into St Barnabas, the new school built when the two village schools of Market Lavington and Easterton closed.

This uncaptioned photo we have certainly dates from pre World War II. It shows May – full name Helena May Elisha – sitting on a chicken run.

May Elisha  on the chicken run

May Elisha on the chicken run

May was born on 11th August 1903 as ‘Miss Potter’. She married Bill Elisha in 1929. We guess this photo was taken soon after the marriage.

It’s a lovely homely sort of shot with May holding the dog that she and Bill had at the time. The couple clearly took a photo of each other.

Here is Bill in the almost identical location.

Bill Elisha on the chicken run

Bill Elisha on the chicken run

Incidentally, it is Bill that the Elisha Field is named after, Both he and May were much involved in village life but it was Bill who had a stint as chairman of the Parish Council and he was also passionate about local football.

The couple had no children which may explain why we have a goodly collection of Elisha memorabilia in the museum.

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One Response to “May and Bill on the run”

  1. Norman merritt Says:

    Another memory awakened by a photograph I remember well the
    Class marching up the high street to the old village hall by Mrs
    Elisha for our country dancing lessons
    Music playing we would all run about waving arms and stumping about like a herd of stampeding buffalo
    The old floorboards would creak and groan under the onslaught
    But always survived our visits
    Then the walk back with a lot less energy than when we started
    The rumour was Devizes hospital once rang the school to ask them
    To keep the noise down as they had patients trying to get to sleep
    (Only joking)
    I remember many years after leaving school seeing Mrs Elisha
    Riding her bike through the village and saying hello to her she would stop and chat and always knew your name
    A very lovely lady and a happy memory

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