A ploughing match at Market Lavington

The following extract appeared in The Cottagers Companion for September 1837.


This appears to have been quite a local concern judging by the premium winners. But it seems even the losers were awarded five shillings which is 25p in present money. But someone getting an income of 25p in 1837 would be getting something like £350 now – not a bad sum for losing!

But perhaps the big winner was the farmer who allowed his land to be used. In a few hours he has had quite a few acres ploughed – about 10 if most of the 21 entrants completed their half acre.

It is interesting to see that oxen were used for two classes and clearly were not as speedy as the horses.

There are still ploughing matches in Wiltshire. The Bath and Trowbridge Ploughing Society are holding one on 4th April at Oxstall Farm, Bradford on Avon.

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4 Responses to “A ploughing match at Market Lavington”

  1. John Burgess Says:

    I wonder if John Champion of Coulstone mentioned is any relative to Richard Champion also of Coulstone who I have been advised is my 4th Great Grand Father

  2. Phil F . Says:

    The local ploughing match to Lavington is the avebury ploughing society match, held on various farms in the area.for more information see the avebury ploughing website . It is held every year in September, weather permitting on various local farms.

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