Farewell Nancy

The sad news, just before Christmas, was that Nancy Cooper had died. Her funeral, delayed so that relatives from around the world could be here, was yesterday.

Nancy was not born in the village. She was a Lancashire lass and retained her accent to the end. Some people used to call her Nancy of the North.

But Nancy worked hard for her adopted home, both in terms of job and in voluntary work.

She was appointed to a clerical job at the old Market Lavington School and in 1971 her employment was transferred to the new St Barnabas School.

Nancy is appointed to St Barnabas School in 1971

Nancy is appointed to St Barnabas School in 1971

After Nancy officially retired she took up work at the Lavington Services shop showing wonderful knowledge of the hardware trade.

But in terms of voluntary work, Nancy was to be seen at the Day Centre – cheerful, smiling and chatty as she beavered away.

Several items have been given to the museum and Nancy has featured more than once on this blog.

A real character, Nancy will be missed in the village.


6 Responses to “Farewell Nancy”

  1. Pam Stansfield Says:

    I have fond memories of Nancy from my time as a teacher at St Barnabas 1972-1986. Never a day went by when we had a friendly chat and often a good laugh! She kept in touch with me after I left and I was very sorry to hear of her passing. A truly lovely lady, I’m sure she will be greatly missed. Would love to hear from anyone who remembered me from St Barnabas. Pam Stansfield (Miss Cutler!) stansfieldpam@hotmail.com

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Hi Pam. I remember you as a teacher. I was a parent and active in the PTA. Now I volunteer curate the museum.

      Nancy was amazing. She could put names to all the kids in photos from the 1960s.


      • Pam Stansfield Says:

        Hi Rog, You didn’t tell me your whole name but are you Roger Frost? I remember Simon Frost? Yours, Pam

  2. angela smith Says:

    hi pam would you remember me I was angela stevens back then ? lived in easterton

    • Pam Stansfield Says:

      Hi Angela, Yes I think I remember you, although you weren’t in my class. I taught the little ones and I seem to remember that you were just a bit older. Were you in Mrs Perry’s class over in the mobiles by the side of the playground? Hope life has treated you well? I often come to Easterton, as I am friends with Pam and Fred Azzopardi at 55 Oak Lane. I get Xmas cards from Mrs Gail Pearce and Mr Greenwood and of course dear Nancy Cooper. I was so sorry to hear about her death. She will be sadly missed I’m sure. I have lived in Dorset for almost 30 years. I had 2 children of my own and 3 stepkids and now am a nanna!! I gave up teaching in 2002, and since then I have worked as a property manager for a national holiday cottage company! Who else from St Barnabas do you keep in touch with? Good to hear from you, all the best, Pam x

  3. angela smith Says:

    hi Pam cant believe you remember me …. yes I was in Mrs Perrys class …I lost my dad in 1980 , my mum in 2002 ….. I now live in Swindon which I don’t like would love to move back to easterton ….. I was married for nearly 20 years , I have 4 kids of which there is a set of twins …. am now engaged to a lovely lovely guy and getting married this year …. I keep in touch with , sarah Arnold , Belinda Matthews , Alison bailey , andrea walters , sean moger , … take care angie x

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