It’s another ‘under the floorboards’ item today, once again found at renovation work at 21 Church Street. There’s no doubt as to what this is. It is a thimble.

Thimble found at 21 Church Street, Market Lavington

Thimble found at 21 Church Street, Market Lavington

Clearly it is a little battered and misshapen but there is no doubt as to its purpose. This was worn on a finger and used to push a needle through fabric when sewing.


It has no maker’s mark – in fact nothing really to help date it at all.

What is not clear in the photos above is that this thimble is the tiniest little one you ever saw. Here it is perched on our curator’s little finger.

This thimble is tiny

This thimble is tiny

This thimble has an opening diameter of just about a centimetre. It is less than 2 centimetres tall.

Clearly it was intended for use by a child, and in the sexist days of the past, that means a girl. We think it would have been really quite a young girl.

Do we have a thimble expert who could tell us any more?


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3 Responses to “Thimble”

  1. Norman merritt Says:

    Thimbles come in all shapes and sizes from the medieval ring thimbles to the later beehive type we find many while detecting the
    Fields . after the harvest the corn was put into sacks and some poor
    Soul would have the job of stitching up the sacks for storage in the tithe barn
    The one you have is machine made and I would think it could date from around mid 1800s
    As you say it is a child’s thimble but in Georgian..and Victorian times and indeed long before that it was the norm to instruct young
    Girls in the art of sewing and embroidery from an early age with no
    Television or computers there was not much else to do
    I managed to get out with the detecter today and found two one of
    Them was an engraved silver thimble one for the P.A.S.scheme
    And a brass one
    Thimbles are like buttons they can tell you such a lot about the
    Usage of a field in times gone by

  2. Thimbles | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] that thimbles came in a variety of sizes to suit any finger. None of these are as tiny as the one featured recently which was found ‘under the floorboards’ at 21 Church […]

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