The barn at Lime Kiln

There have been many farms up on Salisbury Plain. Those in Market Lavington were taken over as part of the military range in about 1910. Farmers, their families and workers all had to go. There was no choice. Most of the farms were about to be used for target practice and obliterated.

But there were survivors, perhaps too near to the edge of the range and the villages beyond to be used as targets. One survivor was the barn at Lime Kiln Farm which is seen in this photo in gloriously snowy conditions.

The Barn at Lime Kiln in about 1965

The Barn at Lime Kiln in about 1965

Lime Kiln Farm was very close to the scarp edge. Our photographer was standing on the road up Lavington Hill close to where the reservoir is now. This photo got a caption on the back.

Caption - Demolished 1965?

Caption – Demolished 1965?

The Barn at Lime Kiln. Demolished 196?

Now what an irritating last digit. We are not sure what it says so well just say mid 1960s – now some 50 years ago. Possibly demolition came when the reservoir was built.

This was almost a last really visible reminder of hill farming in Market Lavington.

It is also a reminder of snowfall. There is still time for some more this winter.


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2 Responses to “The barn at Lime Kiln”

  1. Phil F . Says:

    The barn could have been demolished about 1965 ,this was about the time when the land changed hands from the Tylers to the Snook family. The reservoir was not built to around the late 70s early 80s as this had to be extra water supplies for the new houses to be built on grove farm. Hope this is correct , not sure of exact years.

  2. Norman. Merritt Says:

    The barn was still there in Jan of 1966 we spent the night in there
    We set up our toll birds in the kale the night before and bedded down for the night ready for an early start the next day
    Worst night I have ever had draughty and cold and in the morning
    Thick with fog and to cap it all no one had thought to bring a tin

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