Broadwell Playground 1980 style

Sometimes it can pay to look at what may seem to some of us like fairly recent photos. The one we look at today was taken just as a family snapshot by our curator back in 1980. It shows his son at the Broadwell play area.

Broadwell playground in 1980

Broadwell playground in 1980

There is a surprising amount of history in this photo. It shows the space themed items in this little playground, dating, one assumes, from the mid-1960s. The little lad is on what to all intents and purposes was a rocking horse but it is shaped like a space rocket. The youngsters climbing on the frame in the background were on a structure shaped just like an American Gemini space capsule.

In case anyone thinks there is a little bench at the left side, there isn’t. This was the tail end of a traditional slide.

Should anybody happen to fall then it was straight onto the hard asphalt at ground level. There was no soft rubberised surface back then.

It was a very different world almost 36 years ago!

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