1000 Hints for Housewives

The title of this publication really does make it hark back to a past era. And that’s not surprising for it does date from the mid-1930s.

1000 Hints for Housewives is at Market Lavington Museum

1000 Hints for Housewives is at Market Lavington Museum

We can see that this book was by Helen Burke of the Sunday Pictorial. This paper ran under that name from 1915 to 1963 at which point it became the Sunday Mirror.

Helen Burke was described as the ‘Home Expert’ for the paper and no doubt her name would have been well known in the 1930s. Apart from her newspaper work she was responsible for cookery books, knitting patterns and was employed by a North London housing developer to endorse their houses as ‘honest houses – well planned, well built – so labour saving’.

This is one of many such books and booklets we have at the museum which belonged to local families. This one looks to have been well used.

Of course, we offer a chance to sample recipes from some of these books at our annual Museum Miscellany event which, this year, will be on Saturday October 8th at 7.30 in Market Lavington’s wonderful Community Hall.


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