A glove stretcher

We have more than one glove stretcher at Market Lavington Museum. Back in the Victorian era these devices were essential for ladies, particularly those who wore the fashionable kid gloves. Such gloves were definitely regarded as stylish and may well have been warm and cosy, but they could be hard to get on. That’s where the glove stretcher came in. You simply inserted the pointy end into each finger and squeezed the handles together. This opened up the end in the fingers and so stretched them a little. The gloves could now go on easily. Here is one of ours at the museum.

Glove stretcher at Market Lavington Museum

Glove stretcher at Market Lavington Museum

This ‘pair’ is made of brass with pretty embossing on the handles. These are thought to be early 20th century in construction. Kid gloves, of course, remained ‘de rigeur’ well into that century.

We’d like to thank this site – http://historyandotherthoughts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/glove-stretchers.html – because we needed to learn something of the history of glove stretchers and that’s where we found it.



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