Philpotts – help wanted

Recently a correspondent, Kay, sent this message.

I have been given these two attached unidentified photos and was told they were PHILPOTTS who were my ancestors, and I am wondering if anybody could help identify them.

The Philpotts, we know, were active in Market Lavington and Easterton in the 19th century with connections to brick works and our two local pubs – The Green Dragon and The Royal Oak.

We have not seen this photo before.

image002 We can’t name the people but by use of other web sites we might have a go at dating it. This site – – shows ladies in photos for nearly all years from 1860 to 1900 and for quite a lot of early 20th century years as well. We can match the style of dress our lady is wearing against those worn in each year to get a rough date. Let’s take a bit of a stab and suggest that a very full dress as seen here probably makes this about 1870.

Another site at shows men as well as women and we’d pick an early date – possibly 1860s – for this gent.

Let’s look at the other photo – also not known by us.


We have, again, a very full dress worn by the lady but the two lads are in something akin to sailor suits which probably means about 1880.

None of this answers the question asked. Does anyone recognise these people?




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2 Responses to “Philpotts – help wanted”

  1. Tony Rowlands Says:

    There was a Philpott’s Farm about 1600 metres SE of Lavington Vedette (Sentry Post). It was in what is now woodland on the E side of the trackway to Candown Farm. No trace of the farm now remains. It is shown (un-named) on the 1790 Tithe map and (named) on OS maps up to 1896. The farm was sold to the War Office in 1910. It does not appear on the OS 1919 map.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      We know thwe site of Philpott’s Farm. The Philpott family were landowners and also occupiers of much land which was part of the Manor estate like the hill farms.

      Look forward to meeting you sometime.

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