A 1977 view from the church

We love our views from the church. This one, part of a set was taken by Ray in 1977 and as ever with these photos it captures a snapshot in time.

View (roughly to the north) from the church tower in 1977

View (roughly to the north) from the church tower in 1977


This view is in roughly a northerly direction. Just below the church, at the right side of the picture we have the garden of the Old House.


The garden of the Old House

This was before the barn house was constructed so we have an immediate difference there. Green fields spread across the middle of the photo where houses now stand – an area which close on 2000 years ago had a Roman area and a later Saxon area. Grove Road, Roman Way and Saxon Close now occupy that area.

Beyond that we can see that Bouverie Drive had already been built.

Bouverie Drive and Northbrook

Bouverie Drive and Northbrook

Beyond Bouverie Drive we can see houses on Northbrook. The grass area this side of the thatched cottage on the right of this bit of picture is now built on but otherwise this view has not significantly changed in 38 years – except in the loss of elm trees and the regeneration of much greenery. Oh! And the foreground, of course where those new roads with old names are now built.


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