Tom steps out to drive

As a museum we are devoted to the whole of the parish of Market Lavington, past and present. Inevitably some families and activities get well represented at the museum because people give us things. A family who have always been good to the museum is the Gye family. This means we have quite a lot of material that relates to this particular group who have always been active in the village.

Peggy, of course, founded our museum and her husband Tom and his wide family have always been very helpful to us. And once again, here, we have a photo which features Tom as a youngster.

Tom Gye and John King play cricket in Gye's Yard, Market Lavington

Tom Gye and John King play cricket in Gye’s Yard, Market Lavington

Tom is playing cricket and appears to be stepping down the wicket to play a lofted leg drive.

The equipment is clearly a bit ad hoc and the pitch isn’t quite what you might expect. This is actually the entrance to Gye’s yard with the houses of White Street visible behind. The picture must date from about 1930. 1930 was the year Don Bradman came to England with the Australian team and took the cricket world by storm. Mind you, the England team had heroes a plenty at that time too, what with Hobbs, Sutcliffe and Woolley amongst others.

But here in Market Lavington we had Tom Gye with the bat and behind the wicket we had John King. The wicket itself was a carbide container for making acetylene, according to the photo’s caption.


Now we know about Tom but can anybody add anything about John King?


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