The Old School

This post is inspired by two things. One is the recent architectural Survey which the Parish Council organised – a survey of the old school building.

This has been completed and comes as two fantastic booklets. The first gives some information about the building and its location and status and then becomes a present day (February 2016) photographic survey of all aspects of the building including the hidden roof structure.

Old School roof space

Old School roof space


Looking through the 34 pages here it would seem that nothing escaped the attention of the photographers and describers.

They spotted the decorative wall ventilators and say they are typical 19th century.

Old School ventilator

Old School ventilator

The second book concentrates on the documentary history of the building and includes some stunningly fantastic maps of the area.


Old School on a 1910 map

This comes from the Inland Revenue survey of 1910.

We supplied some photos for the reports. One of them, rather old and battered dates from about 1870 and shows the school before the infant room extension was built on the front.

And that brings us to the second item to inspire this blog – a vastly better copy of the photo which had belonged to Peggy Gye, our museum founder.

Old School in 1870

Old School in 1870

This image clearly shows a front door at the front set back from some railings. That area was where the infant room was built, seemingly using the wall with the railings as a start for the building.

This photo is CDV (carte de visite) size and has a photographer’s name on the back.

The 1870 photographer

The 1870 photographer

The books about The Old School can be seen at the museum.


Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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