Willoughbys for sale

Back in 1930 the house we know as Willoughbys on White Street in Easterton was up for auction complete with a bit of a legend. Seemingly it was called The Old House then.

Auction description for The Old House (Willoughbys) in Easterton

Auction description for The Old House (Willoughbys) in Easterton

Someone has pencilled on to the front of the little brochure that the vendor was Miss Murphy. We know nothing about her. The pages describing the house make lovely reading.


So there’s the legend. It says Oliver Cromwell is said to have stayed and slept in one of the rooms.


This is a lovely document about a lovely house which still stands, of course.


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3 Responses to “Willoughbys for sale”

  1. Vivienne Kevan Says:

    A beautiful house. As a child I went there with my Mother for cups of tea! This was when the Hartnolls lived there 🙂

  2. An unverified rumour | Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] over a month ago we published a sales brochure for a house in Easterton, now known as Willougbys. (click here) The brochure refers to a story that Oliver Cromwell stayed at this […]

  3. John Wheeler (owner) Says:

    Miss M M Murphy sold the “The Old House” to Cdr J I Hallett DSC on 29 Sep 1930. (From Title Deeds) for £1900.
    Oliver Cromwell was not present at any of the local battles. Willoughbys was extensively researched by Debrett in 1992 and no proof could be found that Cromwell stayed at the House. The House dates from about 1625.

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