The shoeing shed

Judy Livyer was a friend and house share mate of Peggy Welch/Gye. We believe she came to Market Lavington as a World War Two land girl, palled up with Peggy and shared her High Street accommodation. She made a few sketches of the area and this one shows the Gyes shoeing shed.

The Shoeing Shed A 1940s sketch by Judy Livyer

The Shoeing Shed
A 1940s sketch by Judy Livyer

This was at Gye’s yard which was on White Street in Market Lavington.

Traditionally, the Gye company worked in wood but over the years they added more strings to their bow. When the Easterton smithy closed the Gye’s bought up the whole works including the Easterton smith/farrier who was Bert Burnett. This rather unkempt looking building must have been his domain. From all reports he was a first class farrier.

It’s good to have a sketch. This sort of view was not often chosen by a photographer. We get an idea of the conditions in which people carried on daily lives as recently as the 1940s.


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