A Golden wedding in 1950

If you are around 65 now you were born in the year this couple celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. This report, about Mr and Mrs George Ellis of Market Lavington was published in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald on July 20th 1950. This means, of course, they married in 1900. Queen Victoria was on the throne then.

Mr and Mrs George Ellis celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1950

Mr and Mrs George Ellis celebrated their Golden Wedding in 1950

That’s the photo – now the accompanying article.


News article about the couple

Of note is that George Ellis went to work for Samuel Saunders jam factory in Market Lavington in 1895. This was a precursor of the much larger enterprise in Easterton founded by Samuel Moore. Where the article suggests he stayed with Samuel Saunders for 52 years it seems likely he’d actually have been working for Samuel Moore.

His wife, the former Elizabeth Rickson hailed from Surrey but she had a servant’s job for Samuel Saunders’ sister at Hawthorns in Market Lavington.

Cemetery lane, where the newlyweds lived is what we now call Drove Lane. Their more recent home at 8 New Road is what we more usually call The Muddle.

The couple’s three daughters all worked at the Devizes flax factory during the Second World War. That’s a reminder of the need to be self-reliant in all materials during the time of conflict.

So well done to Mr and Mrs Ellis and also to the local newspaper for publishing the article.


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