A garden party/fete in 1932

There are times when we rely on the judgement of others at a museum. This postcard has two captions on the back, both in different hands.

Information on the back of a postcard

Information on the back of a postcard

The large writing which says garden Party & Fete Aug 17th 1932 was written by our founder curator, Peggy Gye. We assume this to be correct, partly because Peggy was so hugely knowledgeable and partly because a precise date is given. The other bit of writing says, ‘nr the manse, Market Lavington’ and has had Brook House added to it, again in Peggy’s hand. So we really do assume this was some kind of Garden Party at Brook House on August 17th 1932.

Women at a garden party at Brook House - August 17th 1932

Women at a garden party at Brook House – August 17th 1932

It is a grand photo of women in costume clothing. Sadly we have no idea of any names. We’ll zoom in hoping somebody will tell us some of them.

image005 image006 image007

Please do get in touch if you can tell us any more

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2 Responses to “A garden party/fete in 1932”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    I have a few names, thanks to Pat Hale…

    Back row L-R:
    Mary Davis (married to Eddie Bishop), Win Burgess, Olive Huish, ?, Mrs Davis, Edna King, ?, Cooper, Mrs Gibbs, Mrs Shore, Kath Shore.
    Front row L-R:
    Mrs Hatswell, Mrs George Davis, Elsie Hobbs (my mum), Mrs Mary Pike (Pats gran), Alice Gale, Phyllis Betty) Pike (Pats mum).

  2. Jim Spencer Says:

    Correction: Mrs Pike, 3rd from right seated was Ann, not Mary. She was the wife of George Pike the Market Lavington butcher.

    Phyllis Pike was always known as Betty (don’t know why). She married Harry Hobbs who worked for Fred Sayer and later ran the grocery business which was situated opposite The Green Dragon.

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