Edington Monastery Gardens

No. The Monastery Gardens at Edington are not in Market Lavington. But in the early years of the twentieth century they were a regular venue for church treats. Mr Burgess, the Market Lavington photographer often accompanied these trips. He, no doubt, had an eye to the chance of selling lots of copies of photos. Aspects were well recorded.

Here the Market Lavington band has been captured on photo. They are entertaining a vast crowd of people.

rket Lavington Prize Silver Band entertain at Edington Monastery Gardens in about 1912

Market Lavington Prize Silver Band entertain at Edington Monastery Gardens in about 1912

This is a lovely photo in its own right but we do have an ulterior motive for showing it.

We were recently visited by the current head gardener at these gardens along with his partner. She also gardens there. They want to recreate some of the former glories of the area and in seeking information and pictures they found this blog. But our interest, inevitably, is a bit niche. We only have a record of Market Lavington people at the gardens in the region of 100 years ago. There may well be other people with many more images than we have who could offer more help.

If you could help with this project then get in touch with us and we’ll pass your message on.

Maybe in the future we could be enjoying a day at these gardens with boating on the lake and a band on the lawn. Possibly, it could be the current Market Lavington band.




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