The guides of 1942/43

The Second World War would have had quite an impact everywhere so it is good to know that guiding went on and flourished. The local Girl Guides were based in West Lavington but young ladies from many local villages were involved.

They met together for a photo and here it is.

The Lavington Guides of 1942/43

The Lavington Guides of 1942/43


We have the names of most of the young ladies.


Apart from actually having the names it is interesting to see how fashions change in names. Back when these girls were named – around 1930, it seems that Eileen, Jean, Marion and Sheilagh were popular. They don’t appear in the top 50 for 2016. Lily, however, is currently fashionable and appears in the top ten most popular names for baby girls in the UK this year.

Lovely picture and it may bring back memories for some octogenarians today.



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