Church Street – framed

This framed photo was recently donated to the museum. We did have an original postcard of this view which we featured back in 2013. The enlarged one is easier for folks to see. We think this dates from around 1905.

Framed photo of Church Street - about 1905

Framed photo of Church Street – about 1905

This is Church Street, looking towards the crossroads. It has all the hallmarks of an Alf Burgess photograph.

Despite being behind glass we were able to get a relatively reflection free straight on photo.

Just the image

Just the image

The middle of the photo is dominated by a donkey cart. We believe, from what Peggy Gye always said, that this was Billy Davis. He operated as a rag and bone man in the area, collecting what was essentially rubbish and scratching a living by selling it on.

Down at the far end we can see Mr Walton’s shop. The large writing, were we able to see all of it, would say, ‘Lavington Supply Store’.

A handy bicycle is more or less outside what was Mr Merritt’s cycle store. A lady with another bike is just to the right of Billy Davis outside the building which at one time was Potter’s Store, later a Spar Shop and Mr Dempsey’s shop before becoming a private house.

This can’t have been a school day. The street seems to be filled with children. It is another lovely image.


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