Grove Farm and Meadow Cottage

It ought to be able to date this photo with a degree of accuracy but actually our recent records are not as good as they could be. The photo was taken from the former recreation ground behind Chantry Mead on The Spring. In fact it shows groundwork and the beginnings of walls as Chantry Mead was built.

Grove Farm and Meadow Cottage from the old 'rec'

Grove Farm and Meadow Cottage from the old ‘rec’

This was a scene in transition.

In the centre of the picture we see Grove Farm House and that, with its outbuildings, has all been swept away.


Grove Farm was demolished and the Community Hall built on the site

It has, of course, been replaced by the Community Hall. The old farm house is roughly where the higher level of the car park is now with the hall itself replacing farm buildings.

But of course, from this viewpoint you’d barely see any of this for Chantry Mead is complete and now has the look of a mature house that has been there for ages. At this time it was a building site.

Chantry Mead under construction

Chantry Mead under construction

Meadow Cottage is held in affection by the museum for it was there, back in 1921, that our founder, Peggy Gye (née Welch) was born. It seems to sit below the church – St Mary’s on its hilltop site.

Meadow Cottage and the church

Meadow Cottage and the church

But the date? Was it about 1985? Do get in touch and let us know.


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