A football medallion

This item isn’t actually in the museum. We have it borrowed and hope to find out more about it for its owner. It was the owner’s father who won this medallion. The owner believed it was mid 1920s but that was really as far as it went.

Here is the front of the medallion.

Lavington Tournament - a 1920s football medallion

Lavington Tournament – a 1920s football medallion

This clearly says Lavington Tournament on it but that is as far as the information goes.

However, the main part of this item is hallmarked silver. It was made in Birmingham and assayed in 1923 according to the marks which can be made out on the back.

The hallmark

The hallmark

The anchor indicates Birmingham, the lion tells us this is Sterling silver and the X is the year letter for 1923. The other, hard to read mark is the maker’s mark – HB&S for Herbert Bushell and Son.

The whole item is tiny – about 3cm tall by 2½ cm wide.

Now obviously nobody alive now played in a tournament on or soon after 1923. Hardly anybody alive would have any chance of remembering such an event. But maybe somebody out there can tell us something about Lavington (football) Tournaments.

Do get in touch if you can.


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2 Responses to “A football medallion”

  1. Norman merritt Says:

    Reference the medallion I recovered one very much the same as
    The one shown. Back in the 80s while detecting what I now know
    As home field the old football field
    This is also dated 1923 is silver hall marked and bears the initials
    E.S.C but like yourself I have no idea why it was presented
    I will send photo to you

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Thanks Norman. I think the ESC is initials of the winner. My local football expert (Mike) tells me they normally had names on the back. He has dozens o
      f similar badges won by him or his father. But none of them say Lavington Tournament.


      Thanks for photos

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