Believed to be Reginald Harry Burnett

This rather careworn postcard of a First World War soldier has recently come our way. The soldier is not named but we believe he is Reginald Harry Burnett of Easterton.

Reginald Harry Burnett - World War One

Reginald Harry Burnett – World War One

We can see various hand written notes around the edge. At the bottom it says ‘wounded May 3rd died May 7th 1917. Up the side it says, ‘died a prisoner of war on his way to Germany.


How do you identify an unknown soldier? The back of the card didn’t help much. It is by Gale’s Studios with a branch in Manchester.

Our first thought was to look up all those Commonwealth soldiers who died on that single day. There were 836 of them! But we have Richard Broadhead’s book of Devizes and District soldiers who died or were killed in World War One. It came up trumps for us and reminded us that we had featured Reginald before – but without this photo. Click here to see the old post. There you can find Reginald’s military history as well as a family photo.

Now of course, there could have been other men who were wounded on the 3rd May and died a prisoner of war on the 7th. But this photo was in the former home of Tom Gye who employed two of Reg’s brothers. We are sure the Gyes took an interest in the Burnetts. It seems reasonable that they had a card of Reginald.


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2 Responses to “Believed to be Reginald Harry Burnett”

  1. David Porter Says:

    Reginald originally enlisted in the RFA in February 1915 as No. 94531. He was transferred to the 4th Scottish Rifles on June 3, 1915. So this photo of him dressed in an RFA uniform must have been taken between these dates.

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