Unknown but lovely

These two photos are of a couple of unknown people – one of them with an unknown dog. Here’s the lad.

The lad has been lifted off his background by shading out the edge. We have no idea who he is.


And now the lady and dog.


Here we have a fabulously sharp image although the dog may have a human thumb print across its face. Both images are carte de visite (CDV) size and both have the mark of Alf Burgess on the back.


We think Alf used this style in his early days as a professional photographer – or maybe he ran out of his pre-printed cards.

So not only are we unable to name the people, we are also unsure of the date.

Any suggestions would be well received.

These photos are in a Victorian album of photos of the Durnford family.


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2 Responses to “Unknown but lovely”

  1. artceum Says:

    We have a collection like this at the museum where I work as well. It would be interesting if one of our patrons recognized the people in the unnamed photos as a family member.

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