Easterton Street – very ragged photo

The Halstead Farm end of Easterton Street

The Halstead Farm end of Easterton Street

We did say it was ragged in the title – but even so, it is a lovely shot and a ragged photo can tell stories or pose questions for us.

Let’s start with the survivor. On the left we have Halstead Farm which would have been in the hands of the Spencer family. It is a delightful building and it still stands, although denuded of farm land, alongside the junction where the road to the village hall and up onto the sands branches off High Street.

Halstead Farm

Halstead Farm

The other buildings shown in this image have gone. There was a barn alongside the stream.

The barn by the stream

The barn by the stream

The trees to the left of the barn are on the bank where the jam factory once stood. That bank has, for many years been a hefty wall and now there are houses up on top.

This house faced back along the street

This house faced back along the street

This house on the junction has gone as well. There is a modern bungalow in that area now. But the enlargement appears to show a village sign standing in front of the cottage. Can anybody tell us anything about that?

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5 Responses to “Easterton Street – very ragged photo”

  1. Jim Spencer Says:

    I understand from family hearsay that there was once a weight restriction sign there by the bridge which mysteriously vanished one night!

  2. Norman merritt Says:

    The farm was occupied by Norman spencer I remember well the ducks that he kept on the farm waddling between the stream and the farm on my way to the school or mc.beths shop for a chocolate
    The old cottage was I’m sure the home of the Faulkner family I think
    Bert Faulkner. Who had the garage filling station down by the Royal
    Oak I’m sure his mother lived there
    As for the sign that spot was the turning point for the easterton to Devizes bus service it was removed to make it easier for the
    Double deckers to turn around at that time easterton had a fantastic
    Bus service and early morning and late afternoon you would have
    The work buses from Chiver.s and Rendals picking up and dropping
    Off the workers in there old (duple)buses a busy place then

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      Lovely information, Norman


    • Jim Spencer Says:

      Yes, Bert’s mum was Nellie Faulkner. Bert and Peg, his wife, lived up the sands. When we were at Easterton school, Nellie used to have an old pram which she pushed up to her son’s place every day. Always used to be friendly and we walked with her sometimes. Don’t know what was in the pram but it was always full.
      I think the weight limit sign can be seen in front of the old barn. The bus sign is the one in front of the house.
      I think it was assumed that the weight limit sign was causing some embarrasment to increasingly heavier factory traffic hence it’s disappearance!

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