A photographic portrait of Jack Welch

We’ll start with a reminder that the letters Jack sent home from his First World War service can be seen 100 years after the event at www.jackwelchdiaries.wordpress.com .

But here we have Jack (He was actually James) in much later life sitting at his desk and working at some kind of ledger.

Jack Welch - about 1960

Jack Welch – about 1960

We don’t have a year for this photo but the location was a room the family called ‘The Blue Room’ at Beech House on White Street.

Let’s zoom in.

Jack was using a lovely fountain pen

Jack was using a lovely fountain pen

There we see Jack’s hands and a rather lovely fountain pen. The pen would be a museum item now – indeed we have a similar if less ornate one (click here).

Sadly, we can’t quite make out what Jack was working at.

Jack died in 1964.


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    Hello Market Lavington MuseumI continue watch your postings with great interest. Would that other museums/archives took so much care. I contacted you once before regarding Ezra Price of whom you knew little of his music shop chain activities. I wonder if anything else has turned up ?In the meantime I wondered if you could tell me the system you use to scan your images as I am always thrilled at the exacting detail you manange to achieve and am in the throes of getting a new computer including a proper scanner. Perhaps you could tell me the scanner you use plus the images operating programme software.With best wishes – Phil Farlow(Abbotts Ann, Hampshire 01264 710603)

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