Blacking box

One of the fixtures at Market Lavington Museum is the old range which has always been a part of the building. It is no longer serviceable but it still looks the part and gives us the opportunity to display a range of related items. Here we have one appropriate collection.

blacking box and brushes by the range at Market Lavington Museum

Blacking box and brushes by the range at Market Lavington Museum

This locally made box contains the vital brushes for keeping the range black. It’s a job we still do using Zebo which is still obtainable. We apply it with rags rather than brushes. No doubt other black grate polishes are available.

Little exhibits like this add atmosphere and will bring back memories for older visitors who may remember ranges actually in use.

Of course, these days range style cookers seem to be in fashion but they are very different beasts using gas or electricity and usually with enamelled wipe clean surfaces. The old coal fired ranges needed real skill and attention to keep them looking good and to keep them at a good cooking temperature.



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