Samuel Moore

Samuel must rank as one of the famous sons of Easterton. He didn’t start the jam making business in the area – credit for that probably goes to Sam Saunders. But Samuel Moore was the one who really turned jam making from hobby to big business. Here we see a photo of Sam Moore sent to us by a descendant. It is not the best photo in the world. But it portrays Samuel as a kind looking chap. We know he was hard working and willing to muck in.

Samuel Moore of Easterton

Samuel Moore of Easterton

Sam’s business began quite small as a cottage based adjunct to his shop on the Drove, now also known as Sam Moore’s Lane. It took off during World War One when it became essential to maximise home grown produce. Easterton had plantations of fruit and local people went out picking wild fruit, notably blackberries, as well. Sam was able to offer a fair price for such produce. Local lads (and no doubt lasses as well) regarded discarded jam jars as treasure for they, too could be sold back to Sam Moore’s business.

Later, fruit was imported in huge plastic barrels and many local houses have some of these as water butts.

The last pot of jam rolled off the production line on October 9th 1998. Sam had long departed the scene by then.

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