Opening the Davis Field

These days the name ‘Davis Field’ is all but forgotten. The field is just called the football field. It’s the one at the top of Northbrook. This field was given to the football club and then volunteers made it fit for football. It was officially opened on August 23rd 1952. It’s good to say it is still needed and loved now it is 64.

We were recently given a copy of the souvenir programme for the opening to go with a photo we had of the opening party.


We see that the lucky number programme cost 6d (there were 40 of them to the pound). This is number 226 which sounds like a big attendance but back in 1952 we were before the age of mass TV ownership. Village events were a much appreciated diversion from post war austerity.


Here we get a brief history of the Lavington and Easterton United club and the programme of events including music by the band, speeches, a couple of matches and other competitions. There was a tea break and then a square dance in the Parish Room in the evening.

And here we have the main protagonists of the day – the players.


What a lovely document, to remind us of what was clearly a special day.

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