Easterton Country Fair

Let’s put it on record that the sun can shine on a bank holiday. Yesterday – August Bank Holiday Monday was a fine, sunny hot day – perfect for the Easterton Country Fair.

The crowds were out in force to soak up the atmosphere of this event which is held on the field behind the village hall – and in the hall itself.

Of course, Market Lavington Museum was there with a stand for Easterton is very much a part of our museum’s raison d’être.


This is our stall at a time when a small crowd made it almost visible. The punters were, as usual, able to enjoy our museum photos, ask questions and give us information.

Of course, we have competition for gaining the interest of the visitors.

For example, who could resist guessing the weight of the piglet?

He knew where to go in warm weather!


You could learn about beekeeping with a ‘safely behind glass’ demo hive.


Easterton has a regular parade of vintage and classic cars.



The dog show is a big attraction

The band Equinox entertained us. They are great. I don’t know how to style their music but I’ll call it gentle jazz.


We really ought to have photographed more for there was much more to see but time went a tad wrong!

Our stall had an unexpected visitor.


This is the caterpillar of a grey dagger moth. Perhaps they should be welcomed into many gardens for they’ll feed on ground elder. Despite appearances, the name grey dagger comes from the colour and markings of the adult moth.

The museum had a truly lovely day. We hope the organisers did well too.



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