The Museum Miscellany – 2016

This year we are holding our annual show, The Museum Miscellany, on Saturday October 8th at 7.30pm in Market Lavington Community Hall. Tickets have still been held at a fiver each.

This year’s show will have a section on schools – mostly the Market Lavington Old School which has been the subject of debate this year and a section on what was always called ‘Hospital Week’. Lest this sounds a bit miserable, it was actually a high spot of the year in Market Lavington and Easterton – a carnival week with money raised going to support health care in those pre-NHS days.

Individuals and firms got involved and here we have a carnival entry from the Easterton Jam factory.


There will be a section on ‘Days Out’. Perhaps a surprise here is that some people from elsewhere took days out in Market Lavington but of course, local people, when they could afford it, had days out elsewhere.

Another section will feature steam power. William Cambridge had a foundry in Market Lavington and he was making steam engines here at much the same time that George Stevenson was building his famous loco, Rocket. This is a William Cambridge engine.


But steam power was also used here for all sorts of purposes – including, for overlap, days out.

Other sections will show the villages and the village people we knew and loved.

And best of all, we plan to have our Museum Food available during the interval which can be washed down with a beverage from the bar.

Don’t miss out. Tickets will be available at the Post Office in Market Lavington.



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