A birthday mug

Ethel Mary Gye was the first born child of Joseph and Lucretia (née Redstone). Her birth was marked by the purchase of a specially decorated mug and this mug is now in Market Lavington Museum.

Ethel Mary was born in 1909 and her parents lived on White Street in Market Lavington so this mug is now a genuine antique. In terms of value, though, it is next to nothing, unless you happen to share name and birthdate with our Ethel Mary.

It’s a pretty little mug with no maker’s mark. It looks as though it spent its life in a china cabinet. It hasn’t seen much, if any, actual use.

1901 birthday mug for Ethel Mary Gye

1901 birthday mug for Ethel Mary Gye

As we see, the writing spreads too far round the mug for a single photograph so here’s a more side on view.


Here we can see the Gye surname and see that the birth date was December 12th in 1909.

Mugs like this were fairly common amongst slightly more well off folks. We have three of them at the museum.

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2 Responses to “A birthday mug”

  1. Christine Adams Says:

    Ethel was a lovely lady and when we were children, we would having knitting lessons in her house at White Street

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