A charabanc at Salisbury

Charabancs at Salisbury are a frequent theme. Photographers saw a golden opportunity to turn a profit since photographed passengers were likely to buy a print. We do not always know much about them and this one is just captioned 1923.

A charabanc in Salisbury - 1923

A charabanc in Salisbury – 1923

Because this formed a part of the Peggy Gye collection we assume it is a Market Lavington charabanc, probably belonging to Mr Sayer’s company. But we are not certain.

Signed Whitworth of Salisbury

Signed Whitworth of Salisbury

We know the photographer was Whitworth of Salisbury – Harold Whitworth. But we don’t recognise the people on board so over to you.



We quite hope there is enough detail there for the vehicle to be recognised as well.



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2 Responses to “A charabanc at Salisbury”

  1. Norman Merritt Says:

    The charabanc in the picture is the smaller leyland bus popular around the 1920s
    CHARABANC the name derives from the French char..a..banc
    Meaning. carriage with wooden benches
    They must have been a lot tougher back then after a long ride to Weymouth it must have taken ages to learn to walk again

  2. Martin Long Says:

    The charabanc has been converted from an exWW1

    RAF lorry made by Crossley. A very distinctive radiator.

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